CoffeeBiz is back! Alpha2 is Live.


After some months from the last update, I am excited to announce the Aplha2 update for CoffeeBiz. And also game are back to!

Key new features

  • New locations – two new locations to run a coffee business – industrial with blue-collar customer type and neighborhood with an extremely good attitude to coffee business.
  • Updated marketing – new customer decision making AI for more realistic demand simulation. Poor/casual/rich customers stratification implemented. Different districts have different customer types and different hours/days of traffic.
  • Updated workers – energy, performance, and mood reworked. New “stamina” skill implemented. A company employee is the main business resource. Now you need to monitor and influence their performance and mood, establish reasonable wages. New feature – assistants in the kiosk. They can help barista in brewing coffee, clear kiosk or advertise.
  • Office and management – finally working the way it should work. Production manager for controlling lots, kiosk and coffee machines. HR manager for employees and Marketing for outdoor advertisement and advertisement campaigns.
  • Branched saves – experiment with different strategies with no worries. There is a very limited amount of games with some nonstandard savegames systems. I thing branched saves (when you can start a new branch from any day and try some strategies).
  • Adjustable difficulty – configure the game for comfort playing. Main gameplay problem was that you could easily become bankrupt. Sometimes one mistake if enough. I like hardcore games, but understand that someone wants just to relax. So the main marketing parameter – customer prices can be set up.
  • New coffee machines – industrial type coffee machines for late game strategies.

More details about changes and info about Mac version and dev plans in upcoming devlogs.


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Mar 26, 2019

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