Alpha 2.1 is Live!

First Alpha 2 update is live and introducing timeshifts. Now, after HR tier 1 research and with HR manager working in an office, you can control kiosk timetable. There you can plan two working shifts (6:00-13:00 and 13:00-20:00) for every weekday, so there is no need to change tired worker in midday or evening/morning manually.

New features

  • Timetables

Improvements and Changes

  • Barista and assistant tasks interface reworked
  • Worker skills level interface reworked
  • Pause now disable any game actions
  • New key events messages: level up, the first weekend
  • Dirt on kiosks visualized
  • Reasons why kiosk cant brew coffee shown in kiosk panel
  • The maximum amount of assistants shown in kiosks shop
  • Outdoor adverts change visuals when an advertisement is placed
  • In recipe details, the different wealth attitude to price shown
  • New objects and details added to the first district
  • Workers can be placed and removed from a kiosk without closing it


  • Fixed salary change limit bug
  • Fixed customers thought bubbles movement
  • Fixed wrong XP data above kiosks
  • Fixed assistants adding performance bonus to themselves
  • Conditioner icon fixed
  • Many small bugfixes

Thank you for all your feedback and bug reports. With you and your support, CoffeeBiz evolves the way it should. New updates coming soon, stay tuned.

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