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CoffeeBiz tycoon is a mix of entrepreneurship fun and complicated business simulation. Start your first coffee kiosk, brew, expand, hire, deal with competitors, build a well-known brand, risk, and do everything else needed to build prosperous and profitable business.


  • Only one location
  • No competitors (so the market are your only adversary)
  • Almost no help
  • No savegames
  • Only "seems like its working..." gameplay modules enabled
  • You can't loose

Try to earn as much money, as you can.

Any reaction are welcome in comments or by mail: contact@thesociopath.software

Development log


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Dang this game is really challenging, the scenario is really tough, but I really like where it's going! 
Keep it up! the game is really fun! 

Where is the download at?

I couldn't figure out the mechanics. 

Base idea - manage lots, kiosk, coffee machines and employees to get profit. I understand, that without help it can be quite challenging to play so that you can wait until the end of this week - version 0.3 is planned to include help and tutorial.

Ok but its still kinda hard to make money