Alpha 2.2 is Live!

While I am working on a big Alpha3 update, a minor update for Alpha2. More details about game development plans and roadmap to full release in upcoming devlog.

Improvements and Changes

  • New event – worker boost
  • Hi-level workers resume search
  • Assistants 3d models added to kiosks
  • Promoter cup costume for assistant
  • Locations new objects and details
  • Lot work-in-progress visuals added
  • Different kiosks place on the lot time now showed in the kiosk shop panel
  • M size kiosk graphics update
  • Bank loans available only after company incorporation


  • Second assistant kiosk panel operation fixed
  • Locations 2d-3d graphical bug fixes
  • Kiosk client attractiveness data of not placed kiosk fixed

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